Adecco Staffing
Brand Manager 
2017 - 2018
"Love what you do" is Adecco's main motto. It applies not only to the Adecco people, but also to the talent Adecco supports. Adecco's goal is to engage in longterm relationships with candidates and clients by focussing on personal interest and passion. Because work is so much more than money! 
Even though Adecco Group is the number 1 in HR solutions worldwide, the Adecco Staffing brand was not well known. Nor was it well understood by our candidates, clients and staff. My assignment was therefore to revitalise the Adecco Staffing brand by improving its visibility and positioning.

As with all strong marketing concepts, it starts with a clear understanding of your target audience. To get better insight in our candidates lives and to better understand how to further help them in both their career and life, we created the platform #Meerdanwerk. #Meerdanwerk is focused on personal storytelling and personal engagement.

My main purpose was to better interact and engage with our candidates and to share their personal interest, passions and believes. I wanted to do this as authentically as possible. All content was based on unique stories behind their way of work and way of living.

 “Waar doe jij het voor?”

Brand purpose, positioning, strategy.
Campaign concept.

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