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Why? It's increasingly important for brands to play a meaningful role in people's lives and society, both commercially and socially. I'm enthusiastic and driven to help building brands. To connect brand strategy, CSR and sponsoring more effectively to consumer needs and values. I enjoy working for brands that have a strong ambition in this respect.

Interim Marketing Communications Professional


Curious and positive

I'm Nathalie van 't Klooster, an all-round Marketing Communications Professional. An innovative and strategic thinker with a hands-on approach. Curious and critical, with a positive and creative flair.

Inspiring companies

Over the last 15 years I have had the opportunity to work for inspiring companies, e.g. ING, Philips and Nike. My projects ranged from brand strategy and communication to sponsoring and cultural change.

The extra mile

For Nike Inc. I set-up a Marketing Communication Agency: KEK Communication. For more than 3 years KEK was the European agency to establish and develop Nike's sustainability & innovation brand and program Reuse-A-Shoe/Nike Grind in Europe. These were exciting and challenging times. I learned a great deal about "Just Do It".


When I'm not in Amsterdam, you can find me in the mountains, where I re-energize. Also, my everlasting stroll for the perfect coffee brings me to different parts of world. 


Corporate Social Responsibility

I believe in CSR and social entrepreneurship. Companies are responsible for a greater social good and for the impact they have on the environment. They should leverage this responsibility to drive innovation and create brand and business value for all stakeholders.

Do good

I'm inspired by organisations who want to do good and are true to their values. I therefore donate time to foundations in which I strongly believe.

Brand Development - Sponsoring - Corporate Social Responsibility



My qualities lie in identifying opportunities, translating these into strategic and creative plans, and executing the resulting programs, on-line and off-line. 


Most importantly, I love to work and engage with people, such as a team of enthusiastic professionals to create synergy, engaging ideas and strong solutions.



I understand the dynamics of small and multinational organisations, both agency and client side. I am used to work and dealing with cultural differences.


I'm a strong advocate of leveraging the marketplace by creating partnerships and collaborations with experts in the field.



Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity
Brand Management
Campaign Management
Digital Marketing
Event Management
Corporate Social Responsibility

Project Management

Change Management



Work closely, learn from each other, inspire each other and celebrate the impact.

Let's have a coffee

Questions about my availability or how I can help? I would love to hear from you. Let's have a quick chat or a talk over a coffee.

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