Esther Vergeer Foundation
Marketing Communications Manager
2009 - 2012
Esther Vergeer, World Champion and Paralympic champion in wheelchair tennis, established the Esther Vergeer Foundation with the aim to introduce young children with physical disabilities to the world of sports and its positive effects in a friendly and engaging way.
Despite being created by the Olympic champion and ambassador, the Foundation was unknown to the larger public. The assignment was to establish the Foundation as a successful and recognised foundation and to elevate the awareness of the foundation's objectives to maximise fund-raising opportunities.
We inspired and engaged with children, communities, organisations and world leaders by redefining Esther's ambition (mission and vision). We communicated from strength and possibilities. In addition we extended strategic partnerships with organisations such as the Johan Cruyff Foundation, leading sport federations and the International Paralympic Committee to create awareness for the brand and Foundation's objectives.
We created a top experience with the sports clinics for children, their immediate surroundings and sponsors. They could attend and share this experience in words and pictures on social media and online.
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