Spring Professional
Brand Manager
There is a war on talent!  Spring Professional is the answer to this.
The Adecco Group Nederland wanted to introduce a strong brand for the ‘Young Professionals’.
Through extensive marketing research we discovered that our young professionals, clients and employees did not recognise themselves enough in the Ajilon brand. 

To improve our competitive position, to stronger attract young professionals and to better engage with them, it was decided to rebrand Ajilon Young Professionals into a new brand: Spring Professional.
We developed a disruptive brand strategy and contemporary brand identity based on exciting archetypes “new heroes of today for the changing world of tomorrow”.

The basis was the believe that each individual has a unique set of talents, that can be of great value to an organization.

Therefore Spring helps young professionals to discover their own talents. By converting their passion into valuable knowledge and improving their personal skills, these professionals can make a big difference in the labour market of today and tomorrow.

Brand positioning, strategy.
Digital & content strategy.
Art direction & interior styling.
Campaign concept.
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